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Chemie a chemické technologie


The first stream, chemistry and chemical technology, is divided into various specializations that focus on inorganic and organic chemistry, as well as on particular subjects related, on the one side, to the interests of ICT Prague’s industrial www.ict-prague.eu/fct56 partners and, on the other side, to the emerging technologies intensively studied in industrially developed countries.Research in inorganic chemistry is mainly focused on coordination chemistry and the correlation between the electronic structure of various compounds and their reactivity.Research in organic chemistry covers important topics in both theoretical and computational organic chemistry (quantum organic chemistry, molecular modelling), and the synthesis and reactivity of organiccompounds (transition metals in organic chemistry, chemistry of heterocycles, fl uoroorganic chemistry, chirality). Attention is also focused on supramolecular chemistry (calixarenes, crown-ethers, amidines, liquid crystals), organocatalysis (fl avines catalyzed oxidations, fl uorophilic Grubbs catalysts), the design of novel pharmaceutically active substances (modifi ed nucleobases, acetylcholine esterase inhibitors), andmaterials applications (organic electronics, switches). Last, but not least, is a growing focus on the synthesis of DNA adducts and their utilization in DNA diagnostics.The development and optimization of various kinds of chemical technologies is a special area of interest. Attention is focused on classical technologies, such asthe processing of oil fractions, industrialfertilizers and various fi ne chemicals(fragrant substances, food additives, etc.),as well as on specifi c problems, includingelectrochemical synthesis, and improvingelectroplating and electrochemical polishing.The approach used in the design andoptimization of chemical technologies isbased on a deep theoretical understanding 57and detailed description of the individualprocesses. Such an approach enables theutilization of modern software tools (ASPENPlus, HYSYS) for highly effi cient work.Besides the design and optimization ofvarious industrial technologies intensiveresearch is carried out into emergingprocesses in the faculty laboratories. Thisresearch may be divided into the severalareas described below.The most important area is that ofenvironmentally-oriented technologies.Apart from classical wet oxidation, this alsoincludes new processes based on membraneseparation, electrochemical treatment,and advanced oxidation processes for theseparation and decomposition of waste,such as the photocatalytic decomposition ofhighly persistent wastes.Another important topic is the developmentof new types of chemical reactors thatenable signifi cantly cleaner and moreeffi cient processes. Closely related to thisis the development of new catalysts forboth classical processes and new reactionssystems. This research is accompanied bythe study of transport phenomena in porousmedia (e.g. zeolites), as well as by researchinto progressive technologies, such asmembrane processes and water electrolysisfor hydrogen production and fuel cells.

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