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Sulphur Doped Graphene via Thermal Exfoliation of Graphite Oxide in H2S, SO2 or CS2 Gas

H.L. Poh1, P. Šimek2, Z. Sofer2, M. Pumera1

1 Division of Chemistry & Biological Chemistry, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 637371

2 Institute of Chemical Technology, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Technicka 5, 166 28 Prague 6 (Czech Republic)

ACS Nano, 7(6) (2013) 5262-5272, IF=12.062


The excellence of this contribution lies in a successfully performed synthesis of graphene with sulphur being covalently bonded to the graphene framework. This unique method of the synthesis in gram scale was developed and technologically managed at the Department of inorganic chemistry. The synthesized material exhibits outstanding electrocatalytic properties that are usually achieved by nanoparticles of transition metals and their compounds. Electrocatalytic properties were demonstrated on industrially important oxygen reduction in alkaline environment.

The synthesis method was developed and accomplished at ICT Prague (Department of Inorgnaic Chemistry). Moreover the standard characterization of the prepared material, namely the zeta-potencial measurement, combustible elemental analysis, electric transport measurement and Raman spectroscopy, was also carried out at ICT Prague. The colaborating partner's laboratory provided the electrochemical measurement, IR spectroscopy, XPS and electron microscopy facilities. The manuscript writing and editing was a collective work equally shared between both groups.

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