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Research activities at the Faculty of Chemical Technology are complementary to educational activities. They can be divided into the two following areas:

Chemistry and Technology of Materials

  • Development of new metals, polymers, and ceramic materials
  • Biomaterials for medicinal use
  • Corrosion
  • Composite materials
  • Superconductors and materials for optoelectronics
  • Microanalytical methods and methods of analysis of structural and phase analysis of materials
  • Physical chemistry methods for solid materials surface modification
  • Chemical stability of materials of monuments
  • Solving problems in the polymorphism of substances.

Chemistry and Chemical Technology

  • Design and optimization of chemical and electrochemical reactors
  • Kinetics of catalyzed and non-catalyzed reactions
  • Preparation and characterization of novel catalysts
  • Modelling and simulation of chemical processes
  • Chemical processes waste treatment
  • Fine chemicals
  • Chemical and electrochemical synthesis of novel compounds
  • Development, optimization and theoretical study of pharmaceutical processes 

The faculty offers expert consultation and development work in all of the above areas. Individual departmental pages contain more detailed information about research activities.

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