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Prospective Students

The Faculty of Chemical Technology at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCT Prague) offers the following types of study programmes:


Bachelor Programmes

Duration of Bachelor programmes is three years. Study programmes at all faculties are based on core courses embracing general subjects. Graduates are awarded the title "Bachelor" (equivalent to BSc) and receive automatically and free of charge a Diploma Supplement.

Fields of Bachelor Study

  • Applied Chemistry and Materials
  • Chemistry and Chemical Technologies
  • Chemistry and Applied Ecology
  • Drug Synthesis and Production
  • Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage Objects – Works of Arts and Crafts


Master Programmes

Master programmes continue BSc programmes, are comprisoed of core and specialized courses, and typically take two years to complete. Studies lead to the "engineer" degree ("inženýr" in Czech, equivalent to an MSc). All students receive automatically and free of charge the Diploma Supplement upon completion of the study programme.

Fields of Master Study

  • Chemistry and Chemical Technologies
  • Chemistry of Materials and Materials Engineering

logo Erasmus Mundus

Field of Erasmus Mundus Master Study

  • Membrane materials and process engineering (current and renewed ones)


Doctoral Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral studies leading to a PhD degree typically take four years to complete and require a prior Master-level degree.

Fields of Doctoral Study

  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Chemical Technologies
  • Chemistry and Technology of Materials
  • Synthesis and Production of Drugs


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