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13/Feb/2017 - 19/May/2017Academic CommunitySummer SemesterMore →
15/Mar/2017 - 15/Mar/201713:00 - 17:00SeminarSeminar: Presentation as an important part of scientific workA402More →
31/Mar/2017 - 31/Mar/2017ConferenceFCT Scientific conference of Ph.D. Students in Englishrector's meeting roomMore →
5/Apr/2017 - 5/Apr/20179:00 - 15:00Student's EventsiKariera UCT Prague 2017UCT Prague, Building B - Technická 3More →
4/May/2017 - 12/May/2017Organisation of the Academic YearBachelor Studies - Summer Semester Course EnrolmentMore →
4/May/2017 - 12/May/2017Organisation of the Academic YearMagisterské studium – 1. ročník – zápis povinně volitelných a volitelných předmětů na rok 2017/18More →
10/May/2017 - 10/May/2017Organisation of the Academic YearMagisterské studium – Kontrola splnění studijních povinností za I. a II. ročníkMore →
10/May/2017 - 10/May/2017Organisation of the Academic YearMagisterské studium – Termín odevzdání diplomových pracíMore →
22/May/2017 - 23/Jun/2017Academic CommunityAssessment periodMore →
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Profile of the Faculty of Chemical Technology

Nobel Prize winner Vlado Prelog, versatile chemist Emil Votoček, inventor of soft contact lenses Otto Wichterle and many other prominent FCHT graduates helped enhance the fields of study taught at the faculty. At present, these fields embrace development of new (bio) materials with unique properties, alternative sources of energy preparation with (as yet) unknown substances and new medical drugs, and even methods for preserving national cultural heritage. We are training experts who shift the boundaries of knowledge while being aware of their responsibility for maintaining the fragile natural balance. As the classic has put it: "Cherchez chemie!" How true.

We offer studies in interesting and promising directions of advanced chemistry

  • Biomaterials for medical purposes (metallic, ceramic and polymeric implants)
  • Materials of special properties (nanomaterials, optical waveguides, superconductors)
  • Catalysis, reactor engineering, modeling and informatics in chemistry
  • Drugs synthesis and manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals, fragrances, chemical specialties
  • Glass, ceramics; crystals; plastics, rubbers
  • Conservation and restoration of historical monuments (metallic, wooden and stone)

Research and Development

Research and development activities in the faculty are oriented around basic and applied research in chemistry, chemical technology, and the chemistry of materials (metallic, inorganic non-metallic, polymeric and composite). The faculty is important partner for the chemical and materials industries in both the Czech Republic and abroad.

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